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Positive Psychology Coaching from Personal Transformation Coach, Fiona Drake


Discover how to create beauty, alignment and aliveness in your personal life and business!


I qualified as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach in the summer of 2021. 

As I navigated this incredible coaching journey, I experienced powerful, personal epiphanies as I journeyed through the modules. I had no idea the power of Positive Psychology and the tools and interventions were going to be so transformative. This programme came to me at the perfect timing, and I felt called to partake, and I had so many breakthroughs, shifts and ‘aha’ moments. 

I realised how much my life was missing adventure, fun and memory making and I  had lost sight of what ‘lights me up’. I had huge transformations in my health domain, and using tools and accountability, and powerful coaching techniques, I was able to create new pathways for success to accomplish my goals in all areas of my life and business. I created results in my relationships and in cultivating more positive emotions. I realised how my happiness starts from within and that I can determine my own happiness and joy.

I learned so much about myself in the realms of my values and strengths. And using this information, I have been able to tap deeply into my strengths and create even more magic in my life. I am more connected to myself and what my natural talents are and how I can nurture these for greater success, abundance and accomplishment.

I can simply say this has been one of the most enriching experiences in my self-development journey.

And I can’t wait to share this wisdom, the tools and interventions with you – my dear clients. In my coaching experience, I have seen there is a hunger and thirst for deeper connection with oneself and others, a greater understanding of strengths and values as these become the backbone of our fulfilment and we derive joy and accomplishment when we develop these. We are searching for deeper engagement and to understand who we are and what is meaningful for us.

GLOW Positive Psychology Coaching covers all this and so, so much more.

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Positive Psychology Coaching is a scientifically rooted approach to helping clients increase wellbeing, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, and achieve valued goals. At the core of positive psychology, coaching is a belief in the power of science to explain the best methods for development. - Kauffman, Boniwell, and Silberman (2010)

Positive psychology is about focusing on the good life, what works, about what is going well within and in your life, relationships and work. It is about building human strength, improving people's productivity, nurturing people’s genius and helping them reach their potential (Oades & Mossman, 2017).

This magical process is available to you. Maybe you are...

  • a business owner, entrepreneur or senior leader in corporate looking to enhance your business results and success, and personal happiness and fulfilment 
  • a business leader looking to learn skills to motivate and inspire your teams for greater engagement, results, teamwork and productivity
  • in a transition period of your life - maybe the kids have flown the nest, or you're re-assessing your career and future focus, or have had significant change in your life
  • ready to shake-up and wake-up your life to bring in more joy, more meaning, more love, more positive emotion and fun into your life
  • curious to deep dive and connect with who you really are! Your talents and your strengths, and the gifts you bring to the world

Are you ready to dive deep into who you are?

Positive Psychology provides a model using scientific insights and tools to help clients:

  • Identify what is going right in their life and build on the positives 
  • Explore their values and their purpose 
  • Elevate their strengths and understand their relationship with their weaknesses 
  • Become more resilient and resourceful 
  • Establish and maintain connection in their relationships 
  • Accomplish their goals and define what success looks like to them individually 
  • And so much more

Client Love:


"This journey was PRICELESS! I couldn't afford NOT to do it - it's been massive for me. I wish I knew about this years ago. You can't put a monetary value on how it feels to thrive! I am finding myself and it feels so powerful. Thank you, Fiona."

CG Business Owner and Influencer

GLOW Positive Psychology journey


In 2011, Dr Martin Seligman, a leading researcher in Psychology and Positive Psychology, proposed his multifaceted model of wellbeing, called PERMA. The PERMA model suggests that to cultivate wellbeing, the following factors need to be present in our lives:


positive emotions











The PERMAH model of wellbeing is the most widely researched and scientifically validated model of wellbeing to date.

GLOW 8-week 1:1 Coaching Process

1 x 45-60 min 1:1 coaching call per week with me
Weekly homeplay and exercises for deeper integration

Pre-work – taking a selection of assessments selected by the coach in advance of the sessions

Week 1

Measuring Wellbeing

PERMAH framework & other assessments

Week 2

Who Are You?

Engagement Pillar

Week 3

Living in Alignment

Meaning Pillar

Week 4

Goal Setting

Accomplishment Pillar

Week 5

Healthy Foundations

Health Pillar

Week 6

Positivity Toolkit

Positive Emotions Pillar

Week 7

Deepening Connection

Positive Relationships Pillar

Week 8

Where to Next?

Reflection Session


I am excited to offer this powerful 1:1 8-week coaching programme for the introductory pricing of £1555.



About Fiona Drake

An award-winning Coach and Speaker, Fiona coaches midlife female professionals to claim their spirit of adventure, whatever that looks like for them! 

Having worked in senior roles in the corporate world for several decades, including Sales and Marketing Director, for a household name, and through creating massive personal transformations for herself and her clients, Fiona has a wealth of experience to support the work she delivers today. 

Fiona's passion is supporting her client base of female leaders and entrepreneurs and professionals using an alchemy of Positive Psychology Coaching, transformational mindset coaching and Law of Attraction coaching. 

Fiona is also a Certified Business and Spiritual Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, and is licensed to deliver the work and philosophies of the iconic Louise Hay. 

Fiona is also regularly speaking at events, conferences and networking functions, both virtually and in person. 

Fiona qualified in 2021 as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and is proud to bring this science into her work.

Fiona's passion is showing women what is possible and to create powerful shifts in their perspective and self-belief.



Introductory pricing is limited availability.

Consultation is complimentary and this call determines client suitability for the programme.

Clients are required to purchase 1 assessment tool at an extra cost for them at c£50 / $50.