1-1 Coaching 

A heart-opening 1:1 coaching experience connecting midlife women to their innate magic and spirit of adventure.




1-1 Coaching Programme

A heart-opening 1:1 coaching experience connecting midlife women to their innate magic and spirit of adventure.


Welcome to 'Discovery'

A heart-opening 1:1 coaching experience connecting midlife women to their innate magic and spirit of adventure.

I'd love to ask you - what does ‘adventure’ mean to you?

Adventures can be big and small. Scary and exciting. Life-affirming and life-changing. 

I am so blessed to help midlife women awaken their spirit of adventure, whatever ‘adventure’ looks like for them. 

Over the years, I have helped countless women with their adventures. 

Women who have:

• brought their visions to life and set up their new businesses
• left the corporate world after decades
• signed new paying clients with ease and won speaking opportunities
• started dating playfully and curiously after separation
• gained the confidence to stand on stage and talk in front of 100s of people
• boosted their visibility online after being in fear of the ‘go live’ button
• have shed weight and improved their health and wellbeing
• won awards and accolades for their talents
• bought their dream car
• won sponsors for a new project
• created deeper relationships with lovers, children and extended family
• renegotiated contracts, for more money and less hours
• brought the subject of money out in the open and built financial plans with partners
• mastered powerful shifts in perspectives, mindset and self-belief
• brought their personal dreams to life
• brought their professional dreams to life
• combined business strategy with mindset mastery to create new sales offerings
• carved out consistent time for self-development, learning and self-connection
• organised workspaces, decluttered surroundings and created space for creativity
• set powerful boundaries with clients, employees, family creating structure and clarity
• freed up time for family, dating, passions, learning and laughter


Are you ready to...? 


Create powerful shifts in your perspective of what is possible for you?

Fall in love with your career, business, life and YOURSELF again? 

Feel vibrant, excited, hopeful and focussed? 

Enjoy success, personal and professional fulfilment and gain deep clarity around your goals?

Enjoy a healthy relationship with your career or business, with space to make deeper, more meaningful connections with partners, family and friends? 

Get clarity on what lights you up and brings you joy?

Feel lighter, calmer and at peace? 

Get healthier, fitter and feel fabulous? 

Feel appreciated, seen, heard & fulfilled? 

Create deeper self-connection, be kinder to yourself and show more self-compassion? 

Feel vibrant, vital and glowing!

Are you ready to open your heart, experience what is possible and claim your spirit of adventure!



Do you identify with these?


• you are a midlife woman ready to claim your spirit of adventure, whatever that looks like for you.

• you run your own business, are in corporate leadership or transitioning to a new venture.

• you’re feeling stuck, need a boost of confidence, or feel have lost your identity & want to re-connect with yourself again.

• you have an idea of what you want to bring into your life but crave much more clarity.

• you desire to learn more about what you love, what you are passionate about & brings you joy?

• you have put yourself on the back burner to prioritise partners, kids, work or business.

• you have forgotten what lights you up, makes you laugh and boosts your confidence.

• you are looking for support and accountability, to help & guide you, open you up to the new, to help you shift from feeling stuck to moving.

• you are looking for accountability and a confidante, as friends/family don’t truly understand your dreams & goals?

• you wish to feel alive, feel even more healthy, vital & glowing?

• you want someone to really ‘see’ you? To listen to your goals without judgement and explore what is possible you desire more money & are not afraid to claim that?

• you desire deep connection with yourself & others & wish to explore what that looks like in romantic relationships, and with friends & family.

• you wish to create more time & balance, to spend with family, friends, explore passions & hobbies, have fun, date, workout & self-develop.

• you have had a big life change/s & wish to re-assess your life, values & commitments, skills, talents and strengths.


I hear you and I see you. I have been there.

I also see your spark. That inner knowing that there is more. I see your talent, your resilience, your determination, your kindness, your love, your want to always do your best. I see that desire in you to make change. To put a line in the sand and say ‘enough’. To realise your worth, to invest time, energy and love in you.

This is your time.


The Process

Weekly 1:1 immersive transformational coaching calls, energetically supported throughout with accountability to keep you on track and maintaining forward momentum towards your goals and dreams. 

Completely bespoke to you and your needs using a powerful alchemy of Positive Psychology Coaching, Mindset, Spiritual and Business Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching and Mindfulness. 

Complete your Discovery Personal Inventory at the start and we create your personalised plan from there, intuitively coaching you towards your dreams and adventures. 

We use my proven ‘Discovery’ journey as a framework leaving space for intuition and consciousness to guide as inspired.

Finally, we conclude the journey with a completely bespoke and unique FINISH LINE CELEBRATION! A specially curated experience that as client and coach we co-create as a victory celebration to mark the conclusion to the current journey.

What my clients say


"I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough! She has quite literally changed my life!”


"Fiona’s positivity and light is infectious. Her coaching was a life-saver!"


"After working with Fiona, I launched a new company producing a new project within 6 weeks. I attracted a sponsor for the project in our third week of launch."


"I honestly feel like a very different person, lighter in mind, physically active, a new business model and I have boundaries in place that have enriched family relationships more than ever before!"


"Fiona helped me switch from confusion and nearly giving up on my dreams to having clear actions to follow my dream and my mission!"

About Fiona Drake

An award-winning Coach and Speaker, Fiona coaches midlife female professionals to claim their spirit of adventure, whatever that looks like for them! 

Having worked in senior roles in the corporate world for several decades, including Sales and Marketing Director, for a household name, and through creating massive personal transformations for herself and her clients, Fiona has a wealth of experience to support the work she delivers today. 

Fiona's passion is supporting her client base of female leaders and entrepreneurs and professionals using an alchemy of Positive Psychology Coaching, transformational mindset coaching and Law of Attraction coaching. 

Fiona is also a Certified Business and Spiritual Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, and is licensed to deliver the work and philosophies of the iconic Louise Hay. 

Fiona is also regularly speaking at events, conferences and networking functions, both virtually and in person. 

Fiona qualified in 2021 as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and is proud to bring this science into her work.

Close your eyes, pop your hand on your heart and ask yourself, are you ready to awaken your spirit of adventure?



Results cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will always vary and will depend on individual capacity, work ethic, experience, level of motivation and diligence in applying the program.