'Say hello to happy' Online Self-study Coaching

An uplifting 4-week self-study coaching programme for busy female professionals who want quick results and haven’t the time to commit to hours of self-development



'Say hello to happy' Online Self-study Coaching

An uplifting 4-week self-study coaching programme for busy female professionals who want quick results and haven’t the time to commit to hours of self-development


A big warm welcome to you!

I want to welcome you to my ‘Say hello to happy’ online coaching programme.

Sharing this programme with you is very close to my heart. 

In my early 40s, I started losing my way.

I had been promoted to Sales and Marketing Director in a manufacturing organisation, in a business I loved. I had worked since I was 16 and had climbed up the ladder in my career to my dream job. A role I loved in a business I loved.

However, I started to lose focus on anything other than my career. 

I worked many long hours, and I created the story that Monday-Friday was work time and weekends were for working or catching up on sleep. In this time, I stopped heading to the gym (my happy place) and I missed nights out and social activities. I was eating poorly, not exercising, putting on weight and feeling lack lustre and overwhelmed. This continued for a while. 

This was entirely my doing. I got so immersed in the work that I loved, my reputation and my desire to do the best job I could, that I made no time for fun, adventure, relationships, downtime and ultimately, my health and wellness.

In 2016, I had a wake-up call which would put it all into perspective. 

Our bodies are so powerful, that if we don't make the necessary changes that are in our highest good, then often we will be given a sign.

Instantly, I put a line in the sand and created my new reality. 

I started leaving work on time, released some of the control I had and stepped back to take a new perspective. More than anything, I powerfully shifted what was acceptable to me, in alignment with me and what was serving me.

This was a stark lesson for me. I realised I just got a bit lost. I lost sight of what lit me up, brought me joy, made me happy, made me laugh, brought me fun – as I married myself to the job.

And I see this so many times with powerful, talented, passionate women. We can be so busy giving ourselves to our career, our business, our family, our kids, our partner, our obligations and we steadily find ourselves at the back of the queue.


At the age of 45, I took the leap, left the corporate world and started my own business. 

In my early 40s, I started to get really fascinated in self-development.

I learned that I loved learning! And I studied and reskilled in new disciplines that would support my new venture.

I studied the amazing Louise Hay’s work, and I am licensed to deliver her philosophies. I retrained as a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, as I realised how much meditation helped me on my journey. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Spiritual and Business Coach, and more recently, have qualified as a Positive Psychology Coach.

I put myself FIRST, I prioritised me, and I tapped into connecting with what I needed to flourish and thrive. 

I embarked on a beautiful journey to discover who I really was.


Who was Fiona? 

What did she love? 

What lit her up? 

What did she stand for? 

What were her values? 

What were her unique perspectives that could help others?

Her strengths? Her passions? Her goals?

I got to know me again. I gave myself time, space, energy. 

And this is why I have created this self-study programme to help you re-connect in with the beauty of you. 

Maybe you have identified you aren’t giving yourself time, maybe you have been feeling stuck or lack-lustre, putting everyone and everything else first, then you are in the right place.

This could be a beautiful starting point for you. 

Yes, you will need to gift yourself time, but I have designed this so you can make headway without hours and hours of commitment. 

My ‘Say hello to happy’ self-study programme has been designed for busy, talented, passionate, motivated women who are ready to get quick results, using gentle techniques that kickstart your personal journey.

You are worthy of your time, you are worthy of your energy, effort and investment. You are worthy of investing time on you: to learn about you, to re-connect back in with you.


Does this resonate? 

  • You are a female professional 30+
  • You are feeling stuck, lack lustre and confused
  • You feel you have lost connection with who you really are
  • You have realised you put everything and everyone else before you
  • You are feeling like you have lost touch with what lights you up and brings you joy and laughter
  • You have stopped doing the things you love
  • You are feeling life is passing you by
  • You’ve forgotten what it is like to do something just for you
  • You’ve never worked with a coach or mentor before
  • You feel like you are in a rut and need a kickstart
  • You are ready to start choosing you!
  • You have reached the point where you desire to make change and are ready to make space for your own journey of discovery
  • You desire to learn the tools to feel happier and more connected

Does this resonate?

  • You are interested in self-development but haven’t invested in yourself before
  • If you are looking for an accessible yet powerful self-development programme
  • You are ready to gift yourself time to re-discover the magic of you!
  • You are ready to commit to your goals and take action steps towards them
  • You are looking for a 4-week kick start to your new personal journey
  • You are ready to learn new tools and techniques that you can implement straight way
  • You realise that the more work you do on you, and top yourself up, the more you will have in your ‘tank’ for your family, work, business, hobbies and passions
  • You are ready to re-connect back with in your unique magic and fabulousness!

'Say hello to happy' outline:

Prepare for a beautiful 4-weeks which is progressive week by week. 

As the weeks go on, you will build on what you have learned and implemented from the previous week. It is designed to be a gentle introduction to your personal development journey.

Module 0


Everything you need to know to get started on your new journey

Module 1

Setting the foundations

Learn how to create space, build successful habits, rituals and routines to set powerful foundations

Module 2

Who am I?

Diving deeper in this module into who you really are! What you love, your skills, talents, passions, strengths, core values and more. Prepare to re-connect in with your uniqueness, your magic, your power!

Module 3

Goals and Vision

Getting clear on your goals in key life areas, and the action steps you can take towards your goals, peppered with tools and exercises to boost your goal getter ability!

Module 4

You are your superpower!

In this final week, you will connect in with the power you hold to create your new reality! Packed with exercises, videos and lessons to help you call in your goals and visions.

In addition, each week you will be given magical weekly journal prompts to reflect on, weekly inspired actions, and you will also receive automatic access to the ‘Say hello to happy’ private Facebook group where you can share your progress, meet other like-minded women, and share your successes and wins!


It is important to me to create value for an accessible price.

I am excited to offer my ‘Say hello to happy’ 4-week self-study coaching at the introductory pricing of £199


About Fiona Drake

An award-winning Coach and Speaker, Fiona coaches midlife female professionals to claim their spirit of adventure, whatever that looks like for them! 

Having worked in senior roles in the corporate world for several decades, including Sales and Marketing Director, for a household name, and through creating massive personal transformations for herself and her clients, Fiona has a wealth of experience to support the work she delivers today. 

Fiona's passion is supporting her client base of female leaders and entrepreneurs and professionals using an alchemy of Positive Psychology Coaching, transformational mindset coaching and Law of Attraction coaching. 

Fiona is also a Certified Business and Spiritual Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, and is licensed to deliver the work and philosophies of the iconic Louise Hay. 

Fiona is also regularly speaking at events, conferences and networking functions, both virtually and in person. 

Fiona qualified in 2021 as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and is proud to bring this science into her work.

Fiona's passion is showing women what is possible and to create powerful shifts in their perspective and self-belief.


For full terms and conditions, see check out page.

Introductory pricing is limited, and this offer can be retracted at any time.

Results cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will always vary and will depend on individual capacity, work ethic, experience, level of motivation and diligence in applying the program.